My second 5 card flickr story

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I liked this assignment so much that I decided to do another one! I’ll probably do a couple more, too.

Five Card Story: Studying back to studying

a ds106 story created by samiamumw

flickr photo by caught in hustle

flickr photo by snakepliskens

flickr photo by nagahamaa

flickr photo by paulhami

flickr photo by Ashley G. =^-^=

I had a lot of homework to do so I started reading my textbooks (picture 1). Two hours later I was still reading my textbooks (picture2). My dog was very upset with me for spending the whole morning with my face in books (picture 3). He kindly reminded me that I promised to take him to petsmart and buy him a new toy today. So I stopped doing homework and we got in the car and went to petsmart (picture 4). He picked out a really noisy, squeaky toy. Now I’m back at home studying again and trying to concentrate with my dog squeaking his new toy constantly (picture 5).

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