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The quality looks rough but it adds to the effect.

How does this icon personify me?  Well as you may have noticed, I don’t like pants.  Yes, they’re necessary and keep you warm, but they’re not for me.  When I was little, my mom and our neighbor would go to aerobic classes together looking really fly in their 90′s attire and occasionally take me.  This is the point in my life where I started wearing leggings.  It sounds weird, but I remember having an Esmeralda (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame) fanny pack and bright orange leggings on the day that my dad indulged me in a pair of Jurassic Park sneakers.  Whatever, I was the fliest kid on my block.  I should find a picture me wearing those sneakers and post it here… they were pretty cool in 1993.

So when making this icon, I chose bright colors that reminded me of the 90′s and tried to portray a “live” pair of pants by giving it arms and a head all while keeping it a stick figure.  I then made it look like it was wrapped in plastic, because then it’s something you don’t really use.  Do you know what I don’t really use? Pants.  I am not sure about the purple box, under the pants but I’m sure I just didn’t want a floating image.  As for where I am going to use it on my website, I’m not entirely sure but I will find a purpose for this image.  I think I will move it to and use it under my about me.

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