Five Card Flickr Story

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Joe woke up one morning and thought to himself “Today I am going to do one thing which is completely spontaneous and out of the ordinary.” As he walked down the familiar streets of the city that day he kept thinking about what he should do. What would be completely unexpected? As he passed by the metropolitan library he decided to go inside and cause some trouble there. After all libraries are, generally speaking, very serious and austere places.

Once inside he saw a sign which pointed to the conference rooms and he felt compelled to walk up to the second story. Behind one of the doors he could here muffled voices and intuitively knew that here was a room that he was not allowed to enter. Too late. Joe boldly opened the door and there was a faint shock felt throughout the room.

When he came to he found himself lying on the steps outside of the library. He must have been spontaneous enough as he had no idea how he got there and he was attracting quite a few suspicious glances and cautious looks.


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