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This time around, I chose the design project “Warning“.  The task of the assignment was to create a warning label for something that exists only in a movie or in your imagination.

My first thought: the time traveling Delorean from Back to the Future.

But I couldn’t find a cool picture that I wanted to use.

Second thought: the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.

But I wasn’t sure how many expletives was too many.

So, I did some more brainstorming, and tried to think of an item from a movie that a lot of people could recognize. I settled on the “red pill” from The Matrix.  Now I feel like I need to take a second and defend myself–I’m not a giant fan of the movies. Anyways, back on track.. so I did some googling (odd that Google Chrome doesn’t recognize “googling” as a word in its Dictionary), looking for a cool picture of a red pill, and then took it to Photoshop.  This project was pretty straight forward, so there isn’t a whole lot more left to blog about it.  So here it is, the end result:.

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