Oh How I LOVE Technology! (Please Note the Sarcasm Here)

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I’m trying to do my videoessay in a nonslacker/procrastinator way, but technology just isn’t working for me. I decided to use Requiem for a Dream for my movie and figured it’d be easy enough to get the scenes I want of the poor mother, Sara Goldfarb, off YouTube. Unfortunately all the “easy” downloaders aren’t working for me. I’ve tried several of them and they all end up letting me down in the end.

I then went to Handbrake to rip the scenes off my DVD and it’s being a pain in the ass and crashes after scanning 20 out of 21 titles. Ugh. I saw on Valerie’s post that I’m not the only one that Handbrake hates either.

I tried downloading Magic DVD Ripper earlier and left it to do its thing while I was at work. It takes a while and still has about two hours left, but so far so good. I’ll check back in the morning. Hopefully there are no issues because I’m about to shoot myself as it is.

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