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For your viewing pleasure: my mashup.

I used the audio from the Boondock Saints trailer and mashed it with scenes from Edward Scissorhands. Overall the process was relatively painless (for a change ;) )! I was finally able to get the Fastest Free Youtube Downloader to work and was able to easily rip the scenes from Youtube in a jiffy- Jim was right, it is really fast!

Two hiccups I ran into was that I couldn’t open the mp4 files in Windows Movie Maker, but I quickly learned to go download something called a “codec” that would allow me to. I still have no clue what that is, but it did the job so I’m happy. Another thing was that WMM would randomly decide to quit working for me and restart. I got in the habit of saving after each tiny edit no matter how trivial just so I didn’t lose my work. It did crash one more time right at the end, but luckily I was able to recover my finished mashup.

I hope you guys think this counts as a good mashup- mainly on the criteria of it altering the meaning of the original works. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment and don’t think it turned out too bad for my first try. :)

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