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I’ve always known about American Idol and seen the commercials for it on tv, but I never really got into the show until this year. I’ll be honest and say that the whole reason I started watching the show this year is because Steven Tyler is one of the judges. Not only in Steven Tyler a hot rock star, but I grew up listening to his music. I was really interested to see what he would bring to the show. However, after I started watching the show for a couple weeks, I found myself hooked not only on Steven Tyler, but on the contestants. I love watching them grow every week. As soon as I saw the email describing the fandom assignment, American Idol, and more specifically, the clip I’m showing you, popped in my head. I figured I would go with my gut on this one. The scene I’m about to show you and intervene in is probably the funniest scene I’ve seen so far on the show. I think this intervention is unique because not only is it an intervention, but it’s kind of an insight into my brain as well because most of the extras I threw into the scene were actually things I was thinking when I watched the scene. You get an inside look into what was going through my mind. I hope you enjoy it!

My Intervention on American Idol from samiamumw on Vimeo.

So I hope you like the subliminal message that compares Bryce to Hulk Hogan. LoL. And also, here is where I found the original video. Just so you know how I made this, I found the video on youtube, used the fastest youtube downloader to download it and upoaded it to itunes and did all my editing there. I then exported the video to my desktop, uploaded it on vimeo, and embedded it in this post.

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