Final Project: Chapter Five

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Charlotte was surprised at how much she was really loving her time in Cyprus with the girls. She and Julia got along great together and were already becoming best friends in just a few days. Charlotte loved having someone she could talk to- it felt like she’d known Julia her entire life. As the cashier wrapped up the little dolls that Charlotte bought for her apartment back home, the rest of girls caught up with her.

As they headed to the beach to soak up some sun, Charlotte couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone around her seemed. It was like they had no care in the world. The walk down the boardwalk and past the lifeguard’s building to the beach made her wish they never had to leave. She couldn’t believe that in a few days they would be back in the snow and cold.

Before they could switch into their bathing suits it started to rain. The girls found a nearby café to hunker down in until the weather cleared up. Over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, Eliisa, Aira, and Annette told Julia and Charlotte about the beautiful trail they walked that morning.
“Hey Charlotte! Remember that cute guy from the firehouse? Well, we ran into him on that trail he recommended and he asked about you!” Eliisa squealed.
“Yeah, I think you should hang out with him before we leave. He seemed really into you,” Annette chimed in.
“That’s ok guys, I’m not that good with meeting new people let alone a guy.”
“Well that’s too bad, because I already gave him your number,” Annette said with a sly smile.

On the walk back to the hotel, Charlotte couldn’t help but think about the cute firehouse guy. What would she say to him? She couldn’t just ignore him if he called or sent her a text- who knew if she’d run into him around the island. She decided to not worry about it until the time came and tried to focus on the beauty around her. Julia grabbed her hand and led her off through the garden next to the hotel. Through some careful persuasion, Charlotte gave in to being Julia’s model next to the gorgeous flowers- “The raindrops glistening on the petals make your eyes sparkle! Maybe we should give Firehouse Man a picture to remember you by!” Julia teased. “Do it and die.”

The girls laughed their way to the hotel door, their heels clicking on the cobblestone pathway. It had been a long day and the hot shower stung against her sunburned skin. Charlotte breathed a sigh of relaxation as she laid down in her bed for the night. Just as she began to drift off to sleep, her phone went off. Grunting, she rolled over and looked at the screen- it was a text from Firehouse Man. “Well, I guess I have to worry about it sooner than I thought.”

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