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Sounds Like Summer

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For my segment I did the assignment Context.

What I did was locate sounds from the movie Jaws, abstract them, manipulate them, and then construct them into a song. To do this I used GarageBand, which comes free with Macs. I spent about a day finding sounds. I ended up not using the vast majority of them. I then spent another day and a half remixing the sounds.

The project was fun to do yet also frustrating in some ways. I started over a few times, and as the final song became more developed my computer began to lag. That made working in GarageBand pretty annoying and limited what I could do. Still I think the track turned out well, though if I had more time I would have refined it some more.

The song has 5 distinct parts. All sounds come from the movie Jaws. Here it is:



Great White by dwhitake


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