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I decided to do the assignment that I submitted.  Feeling nostalgic, I decided to make my ringtone after the old 56K dial-up sequence.  Cue “More” tag…

Link to sound file:

Feeling curious, I poked around in the Generate menu option of Audacity, creating the dialing sound that most of us are probably familiar with. The dialing sequence was made with the DTMF Tone under the Generate menu in Audacity.  I had to delete the last dial sound to make it 7 digits, but that’s a trivial operation.  I also tried to create a dial tone on my own, but after exposing myself to a 440 Hz tone for several seconds, I gave up on that and looked one up on, which is also where I found the modem sequence.  I had to make the dial tone louder with Effects -> Anplify.  I also found that the dial tone was too short, so I highlighted a segment and used Effects -> Repeat to do 1x repeats until I got a good length, doing the same thing for the silence between the last digit and the modem noise.  Part of the modem sequence was shortened to make my file exactly 30 seconds, but that’s okay.

At the last minute, I decided to extract the two parts of elveto’s telephone.WAV file that represented pickingup and putting down a phone reciever, adding them to the beginning and end of my sound, respectively.  It just “felt” right, since a modem is very much a type of phone.

I will be trying out this ringtone.  It’s something I’ve never heard on anyone’s phone before, and it’s annoying enough to get my attention :)

Sounds obtained from

dialup.wav – File added by lintphishx on Jan 3, 2009

Phone.wav – File added by DJ Chronos on Jul 8, 2006

telephone.WAV – File added by elveto on Jan 13, 2010

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