Based on 1-Qote-A-Day Projrct!!

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_cpzh4: First of all, see this following link (assignment introduced by mome).

Quotes could be nice only by its own, but it might go further when it went beyond written words.
Read your quote for a day out loud, and record it!
Do not forget to give an appropriate feeling to it.
Tone of voice could be a helpful hint for answerers to guess where your quote came from.
Mimicking the original tone could be nice enough, but you also can add your own feelings to it as well. :), _cre1l: Audio, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Rimi ‘Kookaburra’ Morita, _clrrx: 210, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 1055

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