CT101 (ds106) my experience throughout the semester…

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These are fragments of some tracks put together expressing how I feel about this class. Each piece of this track is a metaphor to my feeling about this class.

At the very beginning I thought that CT101 is going to be documentary production and we will be working with final-cut and so some “cool” stuff. It turned out that we were doing something different. I was lost and I was all over. I couldn’t get a hang of assignments at the very beginning. I started asking people to help me this and that. If I wouldn’t have met Collin Gayle and Andre Suarez who are also in Proff. Smith’s CT 101, I wouldn’t have done what I did. They have never hesitated helping me. They have been really patient and helping through a lot, so I would use this opportunity to thank them for their time and kindness. I would also like to thank Proff. Smith for being patient with me and giving us this freedom to learn on our own. I think it was very challenging to teach ourselves new stuff. It was something that I was encountering for the first time, so it was a struggle but I learned. I believe that we are our best teachers and after all the craziness, I learned something.  It was an awesome experience….A lot of discovery within ourselves….

These sounds were taken from       http://www.freesound.org/

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REVEREND.BLACK May 24th, 2008


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