“Life feels better when I’m surrounded by books” (51).

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Literally since I was a little girl and saw Beauty and the Beast, I wanted to have a library just like that in my house.  My mom would laugh and tell me that one day I could have what ever I wanted.  I idolized Belle and I loved that she loved books like I did, it made me feel like I can relate to someone who liked books since I was the only kid that did.

I can completely relate to the author blog, “The End of Books? (For Me, at Least?)”.  The author opens up with commenting on their previous reading life and how he/she was an avid reader.  I always was and always will be an avid reader.  My bedroom is my own Beauty and the Beast library in the making and I hope to continue to add to my growing library.  However, the age that we are in is huge with technology.  We can now receive books digitally!  I can read a novel over a computer screen or on my newly purchased Kindle or on my mom’s Ipad.  Technology is making books and/or texts easy to get to which is a huge plus in the literary world.

Although there is a lot of good coming out of this new age, it is shocking to me at the same time.  Although I feel the same way as the narrator that reading on my Kindle is “not much different from reading on paper”, it is just not the same as a book!  I am a heavy annotator; I love to mark up my books.  If you go through my books at home, you will notice that most of them are marked up and written all over.  I cannot help it.  I just want to be able to point out things that caught my eye so I can always find it.  On a Kindle, it is just not the same; I cannot see my annotations right in front of me.

However, this blog taught me something new!  When this author tweeted out their concerns about this new digital age of novels/texts, he/she found out that their “iPad Kindle app syncs up all of [their] highlights and notes to my Amazon account” (52).  I had no idea!  I have an Amazon account and I am so excited to hear this.  It makes all of my annotations so much easier to get to.  In the words of this author, this is a “Game changer”.  If I had every single annotation I have ever made in my life on this one screen, maybe finding things would have been a lot easier.  This will definitely change the way people learn from now on.  I will continue to love my paperback books, but I guess I will give my Kindle a second chance :)

This blog is based from Will Richardson’s book, “Learning on the Blog”.  You may find this blog on this link.



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