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After finally learning how to maneuver Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0, I thoroughly enjoyed editing this video. It was a nice easy lead in to the video work I’ll be doing tomorrow. I did my video essay on the same movie I analyzed in one of my previous posts- The Wizard of Oz. This was a treat. I got to rewatch one of my favorite films and choose the clips I wanted to talk about. Unfortunately, my favorite clip was unable to found on youtube. It was the scene where Dorothy and her friends enter Emerald City–such a pretty shot! With all of the colorful horses and costumes. Love it.


Okay so I made this little number using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 aka photoshop for video editing. I imported all of the clips. I moved the clips around by dragging them into the “project space.” When i wanted to remove video/audio I right clicked on the clip in the project space and selected remove video or audio. I took advantage of this option with my intro and outro. I used sound bites from some of the clips I didn’t include. I created the title pages by selecting Title–> New title–> still. I filled in words with the text box option and adjusted the colors using the color palette. I didn’t want to get too crazy with the hokey effects so I left those alone for the most part. I saved and then exported as an MP4 and uploaded to youtube.


I hope you enjoyed! More video assignments to come.

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