Video Thoughts Part 1

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Sorry for the recent dead air on my blog. My thesis draft was due Tuesday evening, so I’ve been forced to prioritize a little bit. Now that the draft is submitted, I can breathe a little and do some ds106 work! I hear the video weeks will be the toughest, but I’m ready to take on this challenge!


Tonight, I’ll be working on my video essay assignment (first 5 stars), then tomorrow will be the big production day. I hope to complete the “Horror Scene” assignment and the “Opening Credits Redux” assignment. So keep an eye out for those. I hope, Jim Groom permitting, that my cooking show (a “My Drunk Kitchen” episode) rendition will be more than just one star. I plan to tackle this assignment Saturday and petition for more stars because I anticipate to spend A LOT more time on that then the other assignments. Also, the cooking show assignment might double up and work as an entry into my final project. YIPPY! Since I wasn’t able to be in class Tuesday, I’m just finishing up the lecture, I have downloaded the MPEG streamclip thing, I already had adobe premiere elements software (photoshop for movie editing) on my laptop so I think I’m ready to make some movies.


I’m making a ds106 comeback! Be ready to be bombarded. Have a great Thursday!

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