Psycho Remade- 4 Stars

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For this assignment, I decided to remake the infamous shower scene from Psycho. After employing my boyfriend (he felt silly–hence his lack of commitment to his role) as the creepy killer, we filmed with his iphone Saturday afternoon while the macaroni and cheese was cooking in the crock pot. Talk about ds106 multitasking. We filmed in color, but I took it out during editing. The “blood” at the end was cranberry juice– very low budget film.


I edited this film using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. I cleaned up the shots and spliced them together. I used the original psycho music from youtube (pwnyoutube) and deleted the video. It was a fun easy little assignment. Obviously my remake is not nearly as good or artistic as the original. There were severe filming constraints on me and my crew. The bathroom we used was the size of a tiny pantry–so we didn’t have many options for different angles. Luckily we had a mirror to use. Also, the shower curtain was opaque white, so we couldn’t do any funky shadows or anything. This is the result of the best of what we had:

Here is the original scene:

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