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Maxwell’s Teacup

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I made this short after I was inspired by a Daily Create I saw on ( ). I figured that I would record the process of making a cup of tea and then reverse it. Thankfully and ironically, because I’m on Windows 7, I didn’t have an easy way to reverse the video, so once I worked it out using Avidemux, I dropped the noisy audio, which inspired me to do more with the reversed short.

I cut out all of the water boiling and the minutes where the cup was just sitting there steeping, with one particular cut leading to the (I think) better than B-movie dissolve of the cream and sugar. I wrote the narrative almost as an afterthought. I was originally going to use a poem about making tea but reverse the order of the lines, which was kind of neat, but I think the narrative works much better

I used AVS Video Editor for the production, and I’m inclined to say that it is the most stable and feature rich editor available on Win7 for less than an appendage. At least as good as iMovie, and better perhaps. Also, I bought software I could have pirated. Yeah, that’s right. It was worth $39. If it was much more than that though…

The music is Op. 11 No. 1 composed by Arnold Schoenberg.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the short.


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