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Now these are not my own words, I found this and thought you know what this is perfect. This is really what you want to be looking for when setting a fitness goal. All these things may help you find your own way to start a great new fitness lifestyle. Just remember, you dont have to be in awesome shape or know how to do everything perfectly. You can come into this completely blind, i am here to help so dont be afraid to ask and be proud you even pushed yourself this far. Good Luck!!

Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition:

Keys to Fitness Success

Setting fitness goals and making a concentrated effort to meet them are key to getting in shape. The following tips can help you meet your fitness goals:

•Set realistic, measurable goals. Instead of vowing to “get in shape,” commit to walking 20 minutes, three times a week.

•Get your fitness tested. Testing pinpoints the area(s) you need to work on, such as your cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, or balance.

•Keep a daily exercise diary. Record how far you walked, how hard you pushed, how many sets of shoulder exercises you did, and how you felt during your workout.
(my comment: yes yes yes!! awesome advice, this helps you remember what youve done so after a few weeks you can change up your routine, you can also take notes that let you know if that was hard or easy so you can increase your weight.)

•Work out with a buddy or join a club. You’ll gain more motivation — and fitness — than if you exercise alone. Just make sure your buddy is reliable and motivating. If you’re Internet-savvy, countless Web sites bring together like-minded fitness buffs to discuss their training, share tips, and talk through challenges. Search Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to find a group.

(my comment: Pockets always wants someone to run with ;])

•Pace yourself. Don’t do three hours of exercise or attempt to lift 250 pounds your first time out. You’ll burn out fast and may even get injured.
(my comment: like i said never ever set your goals to high or your never going to want to continue, dont be upset if you cant do as much as you wanted, you will get there in time)

•Train for an event. Nothing keeps you motivated to exercise like being on a mission, whether it’s to finish a 5k walk or 50-mile bike ride. The feeling of accomplishment you get from completing your event is like nothing else.

(my comments: This is an awesome way to set aside a goal and keep yourself motivated!)

•Dress the part. You don’t have to become a fitness gear junkie, but having the right clothing and equipment keeps you safe, makes you comfortable, and gets you fired up to work out.

•Educate yourself. Keep up with exercise trends and techniques by reading Web sites, blogs, and books.

(my comment: relax, dont be afraid to ask me, a trainer, someone who knows what there doing in the gym. you would be surprised how many people who would love to help. You have to start somewhere.)

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