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It is now time for Leg exercise. I know men do not like to work their legs out while for women it can be one of their best assets. Legs as well as Back can be two of your most important and biggest muscles that you should keep in shape, I recommend working your legs 2-3 times a week if you want toned strong legs. Once you start to build those muscles you will see a huge change in your body. By working your biggest muscles your metabolism will start to speed up, you’ll notice your appetite will increase so make sure you keep up with it. If you are not eating enough you will lose your muscle and all that work will be for nothing so remember don’t be afraid to eat just eat right!

so keep in mind legs and back are very important.

Beginner Squat (if you want a nice butt squats are a must, you can never go wrong with squats, make sure your back leg is straight and you go down as far as you can for proper form.)


Glute Kickback on Swiss Ball


Swiss Ball Squat (you can also do these without the ball just put your back against the wall and hold your squat position for 1 minute. Hold that burn i know it hurts but you’ll never see results if you quit right away.)


PliƩ Squat


Lunge (if this is a little easy add weight, hold what you can while doing the lunges)


Never forget to stretch or you might pull or feel it the next day it’s always better to stretch it out at the end.

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