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The remix videos were very entertaining and easy to watch. It was funny to see how remixes began and they broke it down really easily. I never even realized how many things in the world are coined “remixed”. It was a surprise to me to find out how many things are remixed. Many songs I thought were originals were emulating older songs, tunes and lyrics. Not only is music a huge part of remixing but almost everything the entertainment, billboards, internet, etc.!

I guess when you really think about it, you can’t really coin much as original because someone has always said it, seen it, played it or taken a picture of it before. I mean think about movies and novels for example, twilight became big so tons of vampire books and movies came out. Then toys like brats and Barbie came out with vampire versions. I really hadn’t noticed it before but everything is a remix!

It’s nice to know that everything is fed off of one another, that creativity does hold a part In coping and although plagiarism is one that, creativity is another. I am inspired a lot of the time by things that have already been done and when I create my own “remix” I now don’t feel so bad about how I had to get my idea off of emulation.

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