True Professional Grit.

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Woo FINALLY put together my Movie Trailer Mashup.  I literally have been thinking all week about which movies I wanted to do; I looked at a couple trailers on youtube but nothing seemed to fit together really well. Then I was working on my Archetype project, which I used a True Grit trailer for (if you’re really curious it’s here) and I was trying to think…hmm, what other movies have a young girl going to an older guy for help avenging her family…? Ah yes, The Professional!

So here are the trailers I used-

I really had a hard time starting the editing of this project. Actually, the whole project is pretty hard to be honest. I spent a lot of time playing over the trailers, trying to decide which would be easier to use audio and which to use video. I decided on using the video from True Grit and the audio from The Professional. I ended up doing a lot of cutting and pasting, and basically rearranged the order of both the audio and the video to make it sync up better. I am a little bit irritated that the separated clips lag a little bit, I am not really sure how to fix that…anybody know how to fix that / even know what I am talking about there?? iMovie, you’ve been good to me so far, why did you have to start messing with me now?

Anyway, here it is, True Professional Grit, starring John Wayne and Natalie Portman. Sounds like a winner to me!

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