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Happy Easter everyone!


In honor of this holiday weekend, I chose to make my honey eggs benedict for breakfast, it was pretty okay. But for this assignment, I’m going to document my first attempt at making deviled eggs. YUM! This is my break from doing school work. Some would call it procrastination. Potato, PotAto. Some people clean, some eat, some watch trashy tv on netflix–all of which I am 100% guilty of. But as of late, I’ve been cooking. Today deviled eggs, tomorrow a banana bread loaf, maybe meatloaf  the next. It’s a great, healthy hobby that I hope will follow me for the rest of my life. Okay fine, sometimes maybe not so healthy, but I am allowed to enjoy a decadent piece of chocolate marble cake every now and again. Enough rambling–eggs.

I chose to hard-boil my eggs last night and refrigerate them over night. To hard-boil them I placed my four eggs flat in the bottom of a large pot of cold water. I set it on the burner on medium-high. Once the water started to boil, I sprinkled some salt in the pot. I waited for a rolling boil, cut the heat off and covered the pot with a lid. This last part is crucial so you don’t spoil the eggs. Don’t overcook the eggs by leaving the heat on too long. Also once the lid is on, don’t remove it. Let the eggs sit with the lid on for 12-13 minutes. Remove them from the water, and run cold water over them before putting them in the fridge to cool.



 Once the eggs have been refrigerated and deshelled, I cut them horizontally and scooped out the yolk.



Once the yolks were scooped out, I mashed them with a fork and added about a Tb of mayo (eyeballed) a teaspoon of yellow mustard and a teaspoon of horseradish and a teaspoon of relish (all have been eyeballed to taste). A pinch of salt, and a couple shakes of paprika were added too. Mix mix mix with a fork.



Then begin scooping your mixture into the egg whites. Top with a shake of paprika for color.


And there you have it! Wonderfully deviled eggs. I won’t be including a specific recipe for this because I took advice from a handful of different recipes.


Happy Easter!

I hope to post again tomorrow with my banana bread loaf!

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