Redub the Audio- 4 stars

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So this Easter weekend, I am trapped in the Anderson Center/ Goolrick Gym working everyday, so recording good quality sound for my video is near impossible. I’m deciding to adjust to prompt– I’m going to redo the scene from a movie by applying audio from another scene from another movie. This could be real fun. I know it’s sort of like the mashup assignment (which I’ll be posting tomorrow) but I really have no other option if I want to get it done.



I took the video of a scene from 300 and added the audio from a scene from twilight. Its not as good (editing wise) as I would have hoped, but I’m on a time crunch because I want to get going on the mashup assignment (in which I will use trailers). I used adobe premiere elements and imported the two videos from youtube. I removed audio from the 300 clip and removed the video from twilight and cut and fit the pieces together in a somewhat reasonable mash.

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