Speeding Up Slowness

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This footage, which features getting stuck in terrible I-95 traffic, started out as part of the Day in Your Life assignment, which I never quite completed… but I was trying to think what I could use it for, and found the Speed Up Your Work Day assignment.  Turns out there are already some commute videos submitted for this assignment, and they are super awesome.  So here’s another one, this time with traffic jams.

I used After Effects to speed up the footage from about 75 minutes to 3 and a half with the Time Stretch function (to do this, click the Layer menu –> Time –> Time Stretch, then enter a number less than 100 to speed up the clip).  After that the music search began and finding something that fit the pace of a sped up traffic jam was probably the trickiest part.  The song I ended up using is Unspoken by Four Tet. I tried to have the music correspond well with both the speed at the beginning and the speed at the end.  I’m okay with it for the most part, and was really pleased when I managed to time the transition at about 3.03 minutes with finally leaving the traffic jam.

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