Im Engaged!!!

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I am so excited and happy to announce that as of April 8th I am now engaged to Timothy Leclercq!

On easter morning before I went to my then boyfriends house for Easter dinner he told me he was going to come over before hand. I thought, hmm well that’s strange but I figured he must have had the easter bunny drop something off for me ;]. he told me to meet him by the train tracks where we used to hang out in high school. When I saw him he said it was a beautiful day so we should take a walk and as we walked down to the tracks I saw a colorful little easter egg waiting for me. I was so excited! I had not been on an easter egg hunt in forever, he said “well open them!” each one had a little chocolate inside. When i finally reached the last egg it was huge, he said “whats inside that one?”. As i popped it open and shuffled through the grass i was surprised to see nothing when I looked to Tim he was on his knee with a new egg with a diamond ring inside and said “Sarah, will you marry me.” I could hardly contain my yes I was so excited and shocked at the same time.

My FIANCE is so cute and amazing! YAAAAAYYY!!

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