Create Your Frankenstein- Remix (5 stars)

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For this remix assignment, the original assignment was to create your own frankenstein–or use a combination of other images to create a new being. My remix card said to give it a “fox news” spin. I interpreted this literally. I took Megan Kelly’s hair, Bill O’Reilly’s nose and mouth, and Martha MacCallum’s eyes and put these features on Shep’s body. This easy, but fun!



This is one ugly newscaster. I created this beast by saving images from google. I opened them in Adobe Photoshop. I used the magnetic lasso to isolate these selected features. I layered via cut the features and closed the original images. I then dragged all of the features to the image of Shepherd Smith. I resized each feature (image–resize–scale) to fit onto Shep’s body. I saved as a JPEG and boom! the ugliest newscaster ever.

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