Remix Assignment – Splash The Color : Infomercialize It

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This assignment was a bit tough to plan out. The “Infomercialize It” remix seemed like it would only work for video assignments, but I got the “Splash the Color” visual assignment. At first I was going to try and find some Billy Mays video footage and edit in a certain picture for the visual assignment, but all of the Billy Mays footage I could find had him talking about a specific product. So instead, I made an infomercial-like print or online advertisement (still featuring Billy Mays).

The picture I chose to use was one of some colorful bowls of peppers (found at: I thought a cool idea would be to be selling “Decorative Vegetables” because I could use the picture as an example of how they brighten up a room. After adding all of the “FREE SHIPPING” and “ONLY X PAYMENTS OF..” catches I think this remix came out well. I used (a free text generator that has a bunch of different fonts, some are even GIFs such as “fire text”) to get the images.

Enjoy! (8/15 stars)


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