Whats in your head? remix – 5 stars

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The original copy of this assignment was to take an image if your silhouette and fill it with images of things that you think about. The remix card was for “What’s the prequel?” to show what came before the image. I interpreted this by taking the original image that  http://blog.abbgtpog.com/?p=260 created and filled the silhouette with images of a childhood of someone my age (so growing up in the 90s). These things include tv shows, candy and ice cream–things kids would be thinking of.



I saved the original image from the blog (resaving it as a JPEG file). I used the eraser tool to eliminate the current thoughts so I can add  the prequel thoughts (thoughts of this persons childhood). I went to google image and found a handful of images that corresponded to a childhood (mainly mine). I went through each image and used the magnetic lasso to isolate the image. I resized the image (image–> resize–> scale). Once they were sized I dragged the images onto the silhouette. It was tricky playing with the eraser and resizing to fit the images together into the empty space. I then used the “bring to front/back” tool to layer the images. Save as a jpeg and you’re done!


Had a wonderful day laying by the pool doing ds106 work. Tomorrow I anticipate to make stir fry for dinner–so expect a blog post!

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