Yo Mama! 6 stars

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I originally started the assignment with Caffeine Fueled Loquaciousness. elephant she made from the assignment what the font. her elephant was amazing and you could tell she put a lot of effort into the project. While i worked through GIMP i had a really hard time trying to wrap the text around the elephant like it was part of its body. As i searched through other people’s What the font assignments fengshui. F really stood out to me as well. I loved the effort she took to make things that describe her name within the letter F. I then thought of a your mama joke that could have an F Incorporated into it and came up with this product. I worked with Gimp to deal with color and placement of the words. I think the only thing i would do differently next time is figure out to make the words wrap in different direction. I really enjoyed this assignment and the your mama aspect made it really entertaining.

p.s. this is not directed to you or your mom ;]

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