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Another very important factor you must add to your excercise is the right diet to go with it. Now that you have been working your body harder your going to want and have to eat more. Thats totally fine but make sure your fueling your body with the right things.

Hunger Versus Food Cravings

Your body gives you specific physical cues when it needs food. For instance, you might typically feel light headed when you’re hungry, whereas someone else might get tired or irritated or get a churning sensation in the stomach. In general, real hunger tends to carry a sense of urgency.

A craving, on the other hand, is a desire for one food product.

remember as i have said before snacking is a good thing, especially now that your working out more. Just try to snack on things like granola bars, string cheese, mixed nuts , veggies fruits etc. Stay away from things high in fats and sugars and limit yourself to healthy portions. You can actually feel full all day if you just limit yourself.

Things like eating healthier helps me feel more energized and happier about how my day went. I know for me at least if i didnt feel like i followed a healthy life-style throughout my day i dont feel as good about myself and it can affect other aspects of my life.

Tip: try to stay away from fruits and high carbs after 4pm that way when you go to bed and your metabolism slows down your not storing unwanted sugars and fats.

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