Fitness Followers (P90X It!)

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I cant believe i have strayed from talking about this before but one of the true loves of my life have been the workouts of Tony Horton and his series P90X! I should be a spokes person for this man because i can rant and rave about his amazing workouts and what they do for you all day long.

My mom and I used to do P90X over the summer when it first became popular on those days where we just didnt feel like going to the gym. All you need are weights or bands a chair and a pull up bar or a gadget that attaches the band to the door for a simulated pull up bar. You can do “extreme” excersises all at home. The only downfall is you do need to purchase the cd but im telling you all its worth it!

the workouts are extreme and can be difficult but he shows you modified ways you can adjust them and soon enough you can do exactly the way they show. My father in law is borrowing mine at the moment and he loves them! with diet, P90X and some cardio he has already lost 30 pounds its awesome.

i do recomend this if any videos for excersise. You get 12 disc of tons of workouts to do and it makes sure you dont platue and you can switchup so your body doesnt get used to the workouts!

these are actual ppl doing the the abb ripper from the cd, just try it!

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