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Guess that catchphrase!

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Okay confession time I totally didn’t know we were required to create assignments, so lucky me another thing to do during my last weeks! Oh well nothing too serious least I found out early in the week.

Anyways for my first original assignment I started off with something with a seemingly easy process, the idea is to take a famous character’s catchphrase and to illustrate it. However you should avoid actually using the character within the image, try to let the catchphrase speak for itself and let people try to guess what it is. Oh and obviously you should avoid spelling out the catchphrase (no loopholes now).

What inspired me to create this assignment was just the actual thought process that really goes into a catchphrase.  Now of course there’s some plain wacky nonsensical catchphrases that don’t really mean anything. But a catchphrase is really a very personal and reflecting thing that maybe for the most part just makes us laugh but it can also incite many other emotions in us as well, like anger “Believe it!”

So here’s my example:

Well if anyone has actually been paying attention to my blog and my interests that should immediately tell you this catchphrase is from an anime. That should narrow it down for you enough, not like there’s nearly a thousand of those or anything. So how well do you think you can recreate someone’s famous words? If anyone out there can turn an especially wordy, nonsensical, or insightful catchphrase into an easy to understand picture I personally would love to see it.


  1. Amber May

    February 20, 2013

    The picture isnt loading, but judging from your description I’m gonna guess Naruto (was a total Naruto geek in high school) :)

    • Tyler

      February 21, 2013

      Yeah my blog kind of got messed up after I got out of ds106, so all the permalinks to my ds106 submissions are totally gone. My website is up an running here though: and the specific post you just tried to guess would be this one: I really don’t know anyway to fix the old permalinks on ds106 to redirect to my new site. Probably have to ask someone,

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