Fitness Followers ( This isn’t the End)

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This was fun, and i hope you learned enough from me to want to continue on a healthy path. I know many may not find the dedication that i have to do it as religiously but that’s is completely fine!! If you just started to intense you would end much to quickly any way. I want everyone to feel confident when i am no longer here, to keep it up and feel confident enough to do it on their own so here are a few last pointers on how to begin your journey as your own fitness educator :]

1. Unrealistic Expectation: they will get you no where so dont think your going to look like some kind of fitness model by the first week or even the first couple months. I know, it sucks but it takes time and you will get there if you just work at it and believe me once you get there its a little harder to gain it back. Once you have developed muscle even if you go a week without excercise its a lot easier for your body to shape it up again. :]

2. Choosing Whats Best for You: If you can’t lift 20 pounds dont. Just because your starting out light does not mean your not working hard. We all have to start somewhere and you will soon be able to lift the weight you want but again its healthy for it to take time. Also dont always stick to one type of excercise, mix it up. I have learned the things you hate the most (maybe abs or cardio?) is what you need the most. You need a balance of everything, so dont be afraid ladies!!!! to lift, and make sure you get some cardio, and abb work in as well.

3. excercise Needs Diets: Just because your working out does not mean you can continue to eat ice cream and Micky D’s all the time you need to cut back on the sweets and start heading for healthy snacks. If its an absolute must to have that junk food then you absolutely must eat in the am before noon that way at least your body has the time during the day to burn some of it off.

4. Keep track of your Progress: It helps a ton if you have a notebook or something to write down the excercise your doing and what weight how many reps and how hard it was. That way in the future when you return to the exercise you know if you need to increase the weight, if it was hard and youd like to push yourself that day and so on.

5. Sleep: Sleep is your friend people without sleep your not going to be able to give anything your all. Try to get at least eight hours a day

6. Make Small gradual Changes and Reward Yourself: As you continue to progress slowly bump up the intensity or weight maybe 5 pounds, it makes all the difference in the world. Also dont completely cut yourself off, its totally fine to have a rest day or a cheat day now and then, just dont over do it. It always makes me work harder when i know friday im getting me a McMurry ;]

last but not least…

7. Dont be Discourages if you Regain!: Especially for my ladies, i know it blows when you work extremely hard and it feels like that weight just doesnt seem to go away or those days where you feel like weight has just magically appear well get used to it. Your body fluctuates and some days you will bloat and some days you will feel “Puffy” as my mom says. Dont sweat it its natural and you are the only person that will probably notice while everyone else things hey there looking good. We are our biggest critiques.

I hope you enjoyed what i had to offer and remember this isnt the end.. :D


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