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My final project was all about fitness and health. One of the biggest parts of my life has been exercise, eating healthy and living healthy ever since my mom introduced me to a gym membership in middle school. Some people’s lives change when something tragic happens or a huge opportunity opens in there life, but for me mine changed when i first walked into PowerHouse Gym Woodbridge.

My mom and i have always been very close and hanging out with her is something i enjoy doing. My mom has always loved exercising and i remember being a toddler and watching my mom do step up in the basement to a prince cd (haha). Of course I would copy and it became something fun that i could do with my mom. When i got my first membership i didnt know this would become something major in my life or that i would even continue to go every day of the week.

after a little time, going to the gym was something i looked forward to. Not only had i made friends because they said how bad ass my mom and i were for sticking with it and working together but i saw results, I knew i was starting to get in shape, my body for healthier and my mood increased.

now exercise and eating right has become part of my daily routine, i actually feel bad when i miss a day because its something im so used to. I really wanted to extend what i have learned through my mom, P90X, people around me and just daily knowledge to let people know how great it can be to start something that so good for you.

My blog reaches out to many different types of exercise whether you want to build, lean, beginners or even people who work out every day such as myself. I know it can be hard to squeeze and hour in with a busy schedule so i try to give you options for quick excercise at home, and even awesome references that might help you better than I, such as P90X. or online sites with key words like Workouts.. Also dont forget about the Podcast through itunes with Fit For Duty and Angry Trainer Fitness

I really just want to extend the invitation to get healthy and give a little help along the way for those much asked questions. Im no expert so there are tons of places online as well as in the world around you that you can seek help. I hope you enjoy!!!

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