Tutorial #1 Audio project

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For this in class project we were supposed to download several sound clips from websites and use them to create a story made up of entirely the audio files that you find. here im gonna show you how to use audacity to create your own sound file. first you need to download Audacity Click here to go to audacity website!! next after installing it you need to go find some websites that you can download your audio clips from *Good Website Here! once you find your audio that you want and download them, start up audacity it should automatically start up a new file for you. to import your audio clips click on the “project” tab and click on “import audio” from there start selecting the audio clips that you want then click on import. the files should be imported onto your project file in audacity. to be able to move certain audio clips select the icon in the top left corner with the two arrows pointing in opposite directions to move certain audio files around to whatever time frame you want it to be at. there are also several features included in audacity that can help you with the overall effects of your sound files such as you can amplify the sound under the “effects” tab or add some bass in your audio as well as fade in, fade out, and reverse the sound. to select the part on the project that you want to start playing or hearing the audio, select the “I shape” icon on the top left corner and click on the time frame on your project taht you want to start hearing your audio project then hit either the “Space” button on your computer to start playing or hit the “Play” icon towards the upper middle of audacity. from this point you can import the sound that you want, be able to import selected files to your audacity project, able to move them around to the place that you want on the project and add some effects to give it an overall better quality i hope this helps you enjoy audacity more!

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