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For this tutorial i am going to do return to the silent era. first step is to pick a favorite movie of yours and import it imovie which you can by going into imovie and under the “File” tab at the top click on “import movie” and choose your file that you want to use. it will then import your movie or video file to the imovie library and select the one that you want and drag it to the new project area. to transition it to the black and white i clicked on the video adjustments icon (located on your video clips when added to a new project) it should look like a sun. once you get to the video adjustments page click and drag the “Saturation” tab all the way down to “0″ which will help you get the black and white look as if it were back in the day before color. to add a song what i did first click on the volume icon on the my video clip and i turned the sound all the way off, after that i clicked on the musics tab on the middle right hand side of imovie (it looks like a music note ) and i found the song that i wanted and i clicked and dragged that song onto my project area which added the song to my video. for the ending of my video i clicked on the visual effects icon (also located on the middle right hand side of imovie) which the icon looks like a rectangular shape and i selected “Fade Out” option and added it to the end of my clip so that my song and my video would fade at the right time to give it an overall better quality to my video. i hope this helps!

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