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This tutorial is for the assignment Switch up the Mood

this is another simple but cool tutorial that will help you get used to the iphoto visual changes that it has and what you can do to change the color or other parts of a picture. what i did for this assignment was that i picked a cool picture that i could change around to look even cooler and i dragged that from google to my desktop. then i clicked on iphoto and clicked on the “photos” tab in the up left hand corner in the iphoto program, there i scrolled down my list of photos till i got to the picture that i wanted and i selected that and then clicked the “edit” button which is located at the bottom left hand side of iphoto (also looks like a pencil :p) from there you can do many things like use the “effects” button to enhance the picture in different ways like boost the color or fade the color. what i did was i clicked on the “adjust” icon which look kinda like graphs and i started messing around with the “highlights” and the “shadows” as well as the “exposure” and little bit of the “Contrast” which i eventually turned my picture into this! i hope this helps!


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