Video Assignment: Return to the Silent Era

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Assignment: Return to the Silent Era                                                                                  Worth: 5 Stars

The difference between Silent Films and the movies out today are huge, they have developed so much and for the better. So the idea of making a new age movie resemble a silent film would be a task in itself; which is exactly what this assignment called for. For my assignment I chose a fight scene from the movie Rush Hour 2. I chose this movie because not only does it include impressive fight scenes but comedic moments as well. Here is the original video I used:

As you can tell by looking at the unedited version it is filled with action and a few comedic scenes. Along with including very colorful visuals and a fast moving pace, all of which needed to be changed for the final version. So here is the final version of Rush Hour 2 Fight Scene Silent Film:

Now the process I used for this was quiet simple, I briefly explained the steps I took in a previous post. This basically explains the process and the tools I used, which mainly was Adobe Premiere. I used effects to add the Black and White, Scratches, and faded look. In the end I am satisfied with the final outcome.

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