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CT 101/ds106 was a fun  learning experience, I’m definitely walking away with a lot more knowledge about the the social media and digital forum. when I began this class I felt I had a good understanding of how the social media and digital storytelling worked (I have a Facebook account, and operated photoshop before), how hard can this course be?  However there were a lot of challenges along the way, and with a professor (Smith) hesitant to hold our hands through the process, which I’m happy he didn’t, because in the long run it gave us the space to teach ourselves,  make mistakes and think outside the box with our creation. For me Storytelling is a unique and creative way of sharing events using effects, words, images and sounds.

My favorite project assignment was during video assignment week, I created a commentary video on the film “Jesus Christ Superstar”

I picked “Jesus Christ Superstar” as my choice of film to comment on because it is my favorite film of all time, and I just felt there as a lot to say about the art direction and subtext. I also wanted to share to my audience why this film meant so much to me, and give them a glimpse of my taste in film and love for the 60s and 70s. There were many daily create assignments which I really enjoyed, I don’t  have a favorite, but I feel that “Mr Dimples Yawning” for tdc123, was my best daily create. Any opportunity I get to show off my cat Mr dimples, I’ll take.

For students who plan on taking this class next semester, will be amazed at your inner creativity if you haven’t discovered it yet. You will also learn how resourceful the internet is. Again this course is fun, but is also challenging and frustrating at times; there are days when you may feel dazed and confused. However in the end it’s well worth it. If there was anything I’d change or add to this course, it would the class length; we only met once a week for 2hrs, that is way to short!



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