DS 106 Final Project (Two Radio Skits and a 13 Minute Silent Movie)

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For the silent movie, I did the all too dramatic Bring Out The Gimp scenen in Pulp Fiction, where L.A. Gangster and Crime Boss Marcellus Wallace is raped by a white cop. In essence, Marcellus is Abner Louima and Zed is Justin Volpe. You get the picture.

I did my two radio skits on Unnecessary Censorship, kinda like Jimmy Kimmel. In honor of 1010 WINS, one of my favorite sources for news and information, I imagined 1010 WINS if the anchors and reporters cursed. This is just like the Jimmy Kimmel Segment, which inspired this piece. Featured in this clip are Anchorman Lee Harris, Anchorwoman Kathleen Marple, Shadow Traffic Reporter Pete Tauriello, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Mike Francesa (in an ad), Marc Ernay, John Montone, and voiceover men Paul Anthony (at the end) and Andy Geller (at the beginning). I wish I had a clue who composed that awesome xylophone and trumpet sounder. Sounds and audio courtesy of 1010 WINS, which was recorded using Audacity.

This is Unnecessary Censorship of WFAN in New York, one of my favorite stations to listen to. The men in this clip featured are Mike Francesa (talking first about the Yankees struggles back in early 2009 and then about the Jets trade of Tebow), then Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts ranting about the Mets back around in 2008, then Giants Play-by Play Man Carl Banks attacking Craig Carton for not quitting WFAN after the Giants won the Super Bowl this year, and then Boomer and Carton first ranting about the Walks and Hits Per Inning stat and then getting angry at WFAN Morning Sports Anchor Jerry Recko for forgetting to put down their bet at the Kentucky Derby, which would have won them thousands of dollars. This audio is courtesy of WFAN and CBS radio and the Jingles used are WFAN’s actual opening and closing jingles, courtesy of JAM Music Production.

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