Final Reflection

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This has been the most interesting class I ever took, in the history of I was able to work not only in school but mostly at home.I was able to show my more creative side and display it on the web for everyone to see. What I gain from this class is the freedom to post what I want on the web and I also gained more knowledge aboutthe web and how there are so many different tools that can be used if only we searched the web more. Story telling means to me that. There are different ways to tell a story. You can do it via a picture, a video or even through sound. I think my favorite assignment was the daily create.The reason for this is because I found it quite random. I was able to tell a story in every piece of work I put up on DS106. What I will say to future students is take this class it is something that you wont regret and if you do it right you will find it very rewarding. If I was in charge of this class. I would change how we did projects. I would add more group projects. In regards to No digital facelifts, i beleive blogging has opened up so many opportunities for people not only students to be more involved in the web and make ART.

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