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CT 101 has shown me many different things that anyone is able to do through the internet. Storytelling to me now means creativity will create and express a story from the work that is done. There are so many different projects that i was able to do and try for a first time. What i gained from this course is me being able to first of all have my own website, learning to use many different tools and do different things online instead of the basic effect changes on photos, one which was a design assignment. I learned to do many things with this one assignment , i had to look up that day in history and make my own GOOGLE imagery for it. I did not know there was a way to do this,but i did find it and it was really fun while being creative towards it.GOOGLE - KATHERINE
Some projects that i really enjoyed doing was the project that we added sound effects to the silent movie. It was creative fun and interactive. One Archive, Five Movies, Five Second was a assignment that i am very proud of, it is funny and gets to the point. They are five different evil scientists.

I also enjoyed the daily create, it let me take some time and find things everyday and take a picture, not a simple photo but a spectacular picture by practicing everyday. I also enjoyed the design assignments as well as the sound effects assignments. It let me do different sounds with a object or anything to make weather sounds. For future students i will tell them that the internet will be around forever. Take time to look and search for fun things to do online and expand your mind by being creative, take this class and be part of DS106. This class was very informative and helpful for the future it brings out a creative and more understanding image of yourself,since it is your own website.

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