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After watching Jim Grooms lecture on ones digital self and what they need to do to archive it, I have learned it is very important to save anything you post in order to maintain your digital self; not only for personal reasons but others as well. Firstly I feel anything you create is precious and should be saved. Not only will it act as a way to show how you progressed but it will also have symbolic meanings as well.

There are many ways to archive digital work, but the best way I think is to keep it all in a organized folder and then of course keep a backup of all your work on either a flash drive or hard drive. It is the way I store all my work and I recommend if you are not saving your work, to start, and that is a perfect way how.

In this course I maintained my work I have done through a blog website, which you are currently on. I will maintain my blog after the semester because I think it is a great way to showcase work I have done, and easy to show others by simply giving out my URL. I also will be maintaining my Twitter, Flickr, and Youtube after this class and probally use them on an average basis. My goal is to be a bigger part of the digital revolution, and through this process I will.

If you are not yet part of the digital revolution I suggest you join now. I believe the future of our society will revolve around technology, as you can tell by the way we are evolving. The main point is to save your digital work, digital archiving is important and one of the best ways to do it.


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