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Yo Adrian, I did it!! I really did, for my final project I set my goal to create five animated GIFs, which to some of you is an easy task, but I really had a hard time with them, you can say they were my Apollo. In all seriousness, as you can see I have not reached my goal of fives animated GIFs, and in all honesty its what I expected, because I did set a high bar for myself on this one. Although it was not a failure, I managed to make a GIF, one that actually worked, one that came out the way I wanted it to, and one that moves in the pace I wanted. So when I say I did it, I really mean I did accomplish one of the toughest task I faced this semester creating an animated GIFs.

One thing I was disappointed about was it was only one, and for a Final Project, to me at least, it does not seem like I did enough. All I can say is I tried I put all my effort into making this after many attempted fails. Like I said my previous goal was five GIFs, and through those five it would tell a story about Digital Identity. After many frustrating attempts I was not able to do it, again and again an error occurred. So I rolled the dice on one last idea one final GIF boasting the DS106 name and hoped it worked, as you can tell I was successful.

Now I admit its not that appealing, but I feel it is the fact that I was able to complete what I struggled to complete throughout the whole semester, that’s what makes it so special.

I’ve really enjoyed using DS106 over the past semester, and will continue to use it in the future; but as for now I think this a great way to end. Overall I am happy with the outcome of my final project and the choice I made. I also hope everyone has enjoyed the work I have made so far because they are only gonna get better from here.



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