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The semester is coming to a close, which means I’m no longer required to post on the DS106 site; but that wont stop me. Iv’e learned so much and grown so acustom to posting work I no longer need that feeling of “this is something I am required to do”, to do it; rather I have more of a willing urge.

When I first entered the class I was expecting it to be more video related, being that it is a Intro to Video class. Although when I found out it wasn’t, but rather one which focuses more on building a digital infrastructure, I grew more interested. The class focused around DS106 and basically allowed students to share their work with others around the world. Throughout the semester I was given many assignments, but the specific assignment was up to me to choose; this was something I really liked. It allowed me t0 not only complete assignments I enjoyed but also ones I was confident I would do well in.

I had many memorable assignments which I enjoyed creating, but the ones I am most proud of were the ones I actually had a challenge completing. You can be proud of any assignment regardless of how easy or hard it is to complete, I know I am proud of all my assignments. Although there is a certain feeling of accoplishment you get from doing something challenging. One which I am most proud of was my “Return to the Silent Era” assignment, I think it turned out great and was really fun to complete. Then there are assignments that are so challenging I couldnt even complete it no matter how much I tried, which was the Animated GIFs. I will keep trying till I understand every little step on how to make one.

Which is one bad thing I have to say about the class was the fact that we were not really explained how to go about completing and assignment. This was something that made me had a slow start, but twoards the end I finally got things under control.

I have learned many things from this course but the most important I would say is the impotance of imporving your digital identity. With the future becoming more technologically advance it is important to stay up to date with all the lateast. Soon our world will revolve around it and if you dont become apart of it now you will be left behind.

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