2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad

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You’re welcome for putting this song in your head.

Challenge: Complete three Daily Create projects.
Challenge accepted. I opted in for:
  • TDC145 – Draw Bugs Bunny like Chuck Jones
I’d rather not have drawn anything given that my drawing prowess is really in diagrams and charts vs. cartoon characters but that’s not the point. Part of my purpose for choosing DS106/MagicMacGuffin was to do a little edgework with both my skills and knowledge of digital storytelling and media.
If I had to pick two out of three I’d choose the first and, ironically, the last as my favorites this week. Sure my Bugs looks a little chubby in the center and club footed but who am I to judge. I don’t dislike the Love DS106 radio TDC but watching @jslezak’s (blog)take on it, I’m left wanting for my own. Check Jerry’s contemporary, rational, and level-headed take on I Love DS106 10x
So, in the words of Meatloaf…you’re already singing it…I’ll leave it at that.

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