Life is like a box of chocolates

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I searched for a movie scene that everyone would know and was from a movie that I enjoy. I used Photoshop to insert myself in this famous movie. I used the scene as the background and used the lasso tool to copy myself out of another photo. I then pasted my image and moved my picture around to the right spot. Yet, it still was not quite right. I  used the same technique that I used to cut myself out on the suitcase in the background and pasted that onto of my image. So it looked like I was actually in the scene rather than pasted on top.

I love Forrest Gump. It makes me laugh and it always moves me to tears. You watch as Forrest goes through his life, making friends, overcoming obstacles, and wandering through history without a clue. So just for a moment, I will be someone that sits and listens to the story that Forrest has to tell. As Forrest would say, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

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