Six Seconds Mashup

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Take six very short fragments from six different songs and ensemble them into a single piece.


To start off in Audio, I decided on the “Contest that nobody could win.” I love guessing games and especially musical guessing games. I clipped sections out of six songs and mashed them together in Audacity, which, is quickly becoming my favorite program on my computer.

Saying nobody could win seemed harsh to me, but I was so lost in which six seconds and which six songs to choose. Eventually, I scrolled through iTunes and saw a clump of songs by the same artist. I loved each song individually and decided, why not? So, guessing will be easy and there really isn’t a specific phrase it spells out. The only theme in this mashup, other than the artist, is the sections of song all (sort of) have a pronoun.

In my family, writing well is very important. Any piece of paper, text, email, or dialogue should be grammatically correct or else… I always liked pronouns. They are very social parts of speech. Pronouns remind us of someone or a group. He, She, We, They, even It all evoke an image in our heads. Pronouns are important and should not be ignored, but they are often taken for granted.

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