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This is my first shot at the DS106 Radio Bumper. For some reason, when I was creating the bumper I couldn’t stop thinking about the Looney Toons. I found the opening theme on and added the theme in as an opener. I then clipped several different songs to create the message in the bumper. I complied all the clips together in Audacity.

Having an assignment like this that is so open to creative interpretation is amazingly fun, yet at the same time, frustratingly hard. You want to create something awesome and memorable and you have to narrow down which resources you use and the multitude of ideas that you have brainstormed. I played with the idea of adding in clips from Doctor Who, The Simpsons, and Star Trek. I toyed with the idea of a musical interlude, different sounds, and different song choices. This was the final cut and I had fun manipulating it until I was happy.

While I was making this bumper, I was trying to figure out how the Looney Toons figured into DS 106. Yet, I thought of all the fun and craziness that accompanies the Bugs Bunny and all his co-cartoons. It definitely makes sense now and has it says in the Tiny Toons theme, “Expect the Unexpected” which seems to be a guiding philosophy at DS 106.

So in the words of Porky the Pig, “That’s All Folks!”

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