Losing My Religion (and my sanity)

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Dear Family,

This week is been great fun at Camp. Yet, while all this fun is going on, my sanity is wearing thin. I have been on a whirlwind of a trip through the amazing world of audio and video. Plus, my trip through video land is not finished quite yet. Also, I have been juggling a very long car trip and a pack of dogs on little sleep and wifi hotspot connections. I have past those test with flying colors, yet the test that the universe has thrown at me today is mind-boggling. What do I do when I have seemingly lost my cell-phone?

Is it hiding in the car? Was it left behind in the hotel? Did it jump out at the gas station? So, my fried brain is in overdrive trying to locate my technological buddy. Numerous prayers to Saint Anthony and the great iCloud in the sky have failed me. So, as I fret about this cosmic prank, I anticipate the next week of camp.

I have also sort of daily gotten my creative juices flowing. My favorite daily create being, Design your own Mascot. While, I did not exactly design him, he has been my mascot for a number of years.


The Dodge Ram. Tough, stubborn, adaptable, and strong. Not only has he been in every single car that my mother has owned since I was born, but he is the only image that I trust in a car. Also, the ram has been a school mascot to which I have been extremely loyal. Plus, anywhere I go, I can find a ram. Be it a lamp, a picture, a statue, or an actual ram. He watches over me and I couldn’t ask for a better mascot.

Stressfully Yours,


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